Sadie Rubio

User Experience Designer

As soon as I learned about UX design I fell in love with it. For years, I’d been working odd-and-end jobs that allowed me to be at home with my two daughters. Once I realized I wanted, and needed, to have a career I began searching for the right fit.

Although I earned a bachelor’s degree in English, I’d had little experience directly applying my English skills to the workforce. Instead, my jobs all centered around education. I loved seeing students grasp difficult concepts. Being in front of a classroom where all eyes were (supposed to be) on me and where I was considered an expert invigorated me. However, there were many reasons that teaching wasn’t what I wanted to dedicate the rest of my working life to.

I was entirely unfamiliar with UX design. At the time, Springboard offered a trial course for a week or so. The first lesson was learning what UI and UX were. There were descriptions of the type of work and the type of people that typically enjoy UX design. I felt like I had found my people. I felt like all my quarks would not need to be reined in, but would be an asset to accomplishing my work. I knew I had found my career.

Over the months it took to complete the UI/UX Springboard Design course, I became more and more confident that I would be, and am, an influential UX designer. Unknowingly, I’ve been practicing for this role simply by living my life.

Through Springboard, I gained an awareness of how often other people are confused through a misunderstanding that I didn’t misunderstand. I’ve become aware of how my analytical mind can be a superpower when it’s aimed at understanding users rather than critiquing my husband’s communication.

I’ve become aware that my fascination with crime entertainment isn’t out of morbidity, but curiosity with how and why people do the things they do—especially when it’s different than what I would do. I realized I thrived when talking to people, even strangers, about ideas for a product or how to change an app. It’s fascinating.

I once felt that I needed to minimize myself in order to be accepted as a successful woman. Now, I know that my analytical, obsessive, curious, idea-oriented mind has a place to thrive.

And I’m excited for the company that gets to experience growth with me as I become a professional leader and mentor for others, as I was always meant to be.